Dating advice for men with vasectomies

18-Jan-2018 18:55

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But there is much more clinical experience on my part, having seen many women with IUDs over my sixteen years in practice.

It’s not a matter of if you will have a problem with your IUD, but when.

Then there is a copper IUD which is sold under the brand name Paraguard.

Some countries outside the US, UK, Canada, and China still use an inert IUD made of stainless steel but it’s not as effective as the copper or hormonal IUD.

In my practice I treat a lot of women for hormonal issues such as PMS, menopausal symptoms, problems with conception, as well as a host of thyroid and adrenal gland related disorders.

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As there is some hormonal influence with Mirena, some women use it to help with heavy menstrual bleeding. Paraguard uses copper wire around the stem of the ‘T’-shaped IUD which basically acts as a spermicide.Hey, Mirena’s slogan is “Birth control for busy moms.” I’d agree with you that it is both very easy and effective. It’s often not a question whether your IUD is causing some health problem but how much of a problem it is causing.

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